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Our Mission

Now serving New Bern, Swansboro, Jacksonville, Sneads Ferry and Wilmington!
Our home office has moved to Wilmington and it will be our training hub.

We are a non-profit, 501C3, creating colorful solutions for Dyslexia, ADHD & ADD through Tutoring, Educating, Advocating, and Mentoring. We also strive to build self-esteem by focusing on one's individual strengths through creative expression.

Our T.E.A.M. has grown since our inception in October 2016. We have successfully created awareness in a big way through our Billboard Campaign and Awareness Art Shows!

Tutoring Services have been growing. We have been able to help target individual's educational needs, which have helped improve their reading while in turn building their self-esteem. Our families are happy to have specialized services offered locally often after searching for months for resources and effective methods to help their child. We have seen children start out unable to decode anything to being able to break down each sound! We have others that are becoming master spellers! One proudly just finished her first chapter book because of our specialized tutoring! We have children that could not read are now reading!

Educating Services demand are on the rise after several organizations have taken our myths pre-test. Here is a list of our partnerships and past presentation to the community: "Defining Dyslexia, Creative Solutions" Exceptional Family Member Program, Dyslexia Awareness Art Show at the Art Council, "Learning Differences" Public Library, "Building Dyslexia into Art" Crafter's Guild, Literacy Council, NC Works, Coastal Carolina Community-Onslow County Literacy Coalition, Family Day. A Chamber of Commerce member sits on the WAC committee, providing ongoing information to its members. We are also listed in the Resource Guide- Onslow County Partnership for Children. Our pre-test helps others see the need for education. Through our presentations, we have been able to help identify more individuals with dyslexia and in turn, help them get the specialized services they need so that they can reach their full potential!

Advocating for child's needs can be a challenge. We help provide the stepping stones parents need to advocate for and get the best education for their children. Partnering with Decoding Dyslexia has been helpful to several of our parents. They have provided a community of support and a place to share the most up to date information. They are advocating for legislation that will properly address dyslexia and other learning differences in public school.

Mentoring Services are an important piece of our vision to help provide solutions for more students with learning differences. We refer to this as, “creating our army of Dyslexia Warriors!” This is the idea that we will grow our services by finding and training more skilled tutors to answer the need of our students with learning differences. We started with one tutor and now we have five tutors working towards certification. One tutor stated, “ Remember when I didn’t want to come to Jacksonville, NC because I thought there were no opportunities...I love tutoring!” Our tutors see the value in learning specialized methods of instruction and find fulfillment in being able to effectively teach and make a difference for their students.

We are a non-profit, 501C3, creating colorful solutions for Dyslexia, ADHD & ADD through Tutoring, Educating, Advocating, Mentoring and Building Self-esteem using one’s individual strengths. Our tutoring uses multi-sensory, evidence based methods including, Barton and Orton- Gillingham that have proven success. (We do not require a diagnosis to use this method of tutoring.) We are committed to educating the public about dyslexia and learning disabilities through presentations to parents, teachers, and the workforce. We assist with helping parents learn to advocate for their children and provide support groups. We also highlight the strengths and bring awareness about Learning Disabilities through Art Shows. We believe it is important to Mentor others to help with our mission. We also recruit others to become certified tutors to build a network of solutions for our children with dyslexia. We give a positive platform for children and adults who have learning differences to increase their self-esteem.


Donna has stated, "I was not diagnosed with Dyslexia until college and it took a toll on my self-esteem." Donna wanted better for her children and researched the best practices being used for children with Dyslexia. She learned that there was no specialized help in her area so she created A & B Tutoring Solutions. But it didn't stop there because the bigger issue was no one was talking about a solution for the children and there was little awareness. With her experience in advocating for others she began giving presentations about dyslexia to find the other undiagnosed children in her community. Her passion was growing and others were following. Dyslexia is prevalent (1 out of 5 people have dyslexia) but highly misunderstood so Donna decided that her tutoring business had become something more, it was a non-profit. She had her first art awareness show and found a new platform to give people with dyslexia...a place to be themselves and to also get the specialized help they needed.

To learn more about our tutoring services as well as our work as a non-profit, you can contact Blank Canvas Awareness Art in Jacksonville, NC. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding events and services.

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"Ten to 15 percent of the U.S. population has dyslexia, according to the Dyslexia Research Institute. The number seems small, but it translates into about one in five people."

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