About Us

Donna Gargett
Founding Executive Director


Donna Gargett holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and has worked in the human service field since 2002. She is a published poet, artist and is currently working in the hurricane recovery division for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. She has served as a State Leader for Decoding Dyslexia from 2016-2020.

Donna has wide-ranging experience in and around the employment and disability sectors such as direct care, supported employment, job development/coaching, mental health/ developmental disabilities, case management, supported services in learning disabilities.

Donna, dyslexic herself, started advocating when her daughter, Bella, was diagnosed with Dyslexia in 2015. Later her other daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with ADHD and showed early warning signs for Dyslexia in 2016. She understands the road her children had in front of them and she wanted to provide the best services for not only them, but everyone struggling to receive services. It is that combined work and personal experience that drives her passion for the nonprofit, Blank Canvas Awareness Art, inc.

Donna has given powerful presentations about her experience with dyslexia to change the narrative for our children. Donna is passionate about helping both children and adults because so many people go undiagnosed. In her personal story, she talks about how she didn’t understand her dyslexia until she joined her daughter’s on their journey. Also, her receiving a late diagnosis at age 22 greatly impact her schooling, and wants children to have all the tools they need to be successful. Donna drives the mission of educating the public in an empathic manner to leave an impression on those that experience BCAA. She loves that she has created a fun way to educate the public and hopes to bring unity among the dyslexia community worldwide.

To contact her to schedule a discovery call or presentation please email her at donna.gargettbcaa@gmail.com.